Write For Us at The History of Rock Music

Do you run a music related website and want to get some publicity or one way links or just want somewhere to show off your talents?

If so, we are looking for people to write about their favourite happenings in rock. All you need to so is get in touch and submit an original piece of work around a happening in rock music. Whether this is the release of an album, an arrest, a death, a birth, a notable gig etc. Basically we do not mind as long as it is rock based. We do not put a minimum length on your posts, but they should be long enough to tell the part of the story they refer to. If approved, all rights on it need to go to us, so it cannot have been published or be published anywhere else. In return, each post we approve will give you a byline with your name and a link to a site with the keywords you wish (naturally we reserve the right not to link to something inappropriate).

Ideally we would like to get timelines rather than sporadic events – for example we would rather a series of posts documenting the various happenings on the Sex Pistols US tour than individual posts on Bono, Dylan and Lars Ullrich’s births. So, as a little incentive, if we approve 5 or more posts then we will give you an authors page, which will be linked to from your articles and allow you to create a bio with additional links to your sites (within reason)

If you are looking to promote your own site, this carries numerous benefits as the page gets the benefit of the links from the posts you have written and can be promoted in it’s own right to further enhance the links to your sites. We trust you not do anything dubious to promote your page, but reserve the right to remove your page if we believe this to be the case.