Atlantic Records

The History of Atlantic Records

AC/DC release "Back in Black"

Devastated by the death of lead singer Bon Scott, at the untimely age of 33 and due in no doubt to his hard living ways, Angus Young, Malcolm Young and the other members of AC/DC were faced with the conundrum of what to do and seriously contemplated disbanding. The fact that they didn’t and then went on to release “Back In Black“, not only their biggest record ever but one of the top selling albums of all time, says a lot for both the act and new singer Brian Johnson.

The Rolling Stones Release "Exile on Main Street"

The Rolling Stones released Exile On Main Street in May 1972, having been preceded by the Top 10 hit “Tumbling Dice”. Exile On Main Street was an immediate commercial success, hitting #1 worldwide just as The Rolling Stones embarked on their famed 1972 American Tour, their first in the U.S. in three years, and during which they played many songs from Exile On Main Street.

The Rolling Stones become Tax Exiles

The Rolling Stones should have been rolling in money, Sticky Fingers had recently been released and was to be the biggest selling Rolling Stones album. They had also just signed a new record deal with Atlantic Records for a large fee.

However by April 5th, 1971, British taxes were due and The Rolling Stones owed taxes…..alot of them!